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                      “OMNI-PURPOSE BAGS” from morning to evening for different occasions 















Swiss army knife design


  We believe in the mantra “Less is More” and omni purpose in terms of utility. All our collections have multiple application. One piece of bag can be a tote, backpack or crossbody that caters to the occasion. Further our accessories add value that caters to the mood, being classic or contemporary. One bag many occasions.

Our team have been working for more than couple of years in trying out various sustainable materials that can totally parallel the classic leather material in look and feel.



                                              Ethically made for actively engaged women




MEVERDE handbags are ethically made, eco-friendly, omni purpose in terms of utility designed for actively engaged women. It's made from premium, organic cactus leather, which totally parallel the classic leather material in look and feel. All our collections have multiple application. 


Powering fashion by plants 


We are a tribe who believes in cruelty free luxury fashion. Leather undisputedly sets a stage in the fashion industry for its longevity and the material feel. We are here to intervene that cult by introducing a soft-in-touch plant-based, Peta approved organic leather (Nopal cactus), that’s equivalent to the one derived from animals. Nature always provides alternate pathways that’s good for you, good for the planet and good for the community. We are here to find those alternate ideas by listening to nature with right frame of mind. Through our great partnership and skilled artisans, we have made it possible. Yes, plant-based luxury fashion with no side effects.






Empowering artisans


Our products are completely produced by Armenian artisans who have amassed the knowledge and know-how for generations. According to historians the world’s oldest shoes that was ever created was found in Armenia. The age of this discovered leather shoes dates back to 5,500 years ago. The condition, style and craftmanship shocked the archeologist world. Several stylist believe that several designs that’s prevalent in Europe might have originated from Armenia. This eludes to the quality of craftmanship and technique employed by these generational artisans who have been in this industry at least 450 years as per the family trail. We are extremely proud to partner with these artisans who are able to perfect the product using cactus leather using their uncompromising handcraft technique to match the traditional leather products. Unfortunately, due to several geo-political circumstances these artisans are in the verge of extinction, we wanted to resurrect this group of artisans who are underprivileged and revive the history with a noble product. We want all our customers to feel similar pride behind owning the product created by these historic artisans.





















Minimizing Muda


Our team has been strongly focused on minimizing the waste during the production process. Our operating model is “Made to Order” where the product gets built upon order rather than holding heaps of inventory. We also reduce the waste generated during the production and re-utilize the waste into meaningful products. This allows our facility as “zero-waste” site.










Giving Back 


We make difference in lives. With this campaign each bag will make a difference in a child's life. We partner with FAR. FAR’s two primary projects in child protection are the FAR Children’s Center and CASP both of which enable them to help children in need.


vegan leather, cactus leather
cactus leather bag
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